Hiring a professional with advice from Victoria Auger Interiors

3 Keys to Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

When it comes to hiring a professional interior designer to create a living space or workspace, it is essential to consider some important factors before hiring a professional designer. A great designer is someone who will collaborate with you to bring your vision of the space to life! It really comes down to three simple questions.

Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

1. Does the designer have a portfolio that you can view their work and decide if it’s in line with what is aesthetically appealing to you?

Every designer either has a portfolio on her website or one that can be viewed on a site such as Houzz. This gives you a glimpse into the designer’s creative style. How do they utilize space, color, form and texture when designing a space?

2. Is the designer a generous listener?

A great designer will interview you to discover how you use the space, how you want to feel in the space and the aesthetic you want to present to the world. They will listen to how you live, work, play and connect to others in your everyday life and create a plan that is personal to you. You should trust that your designer has your best interest in mind at all times.

3. Does the designer have integrity and a strong work ethic? What do others say about the designer?

This is essential to the client/designer relationship and the design process itself! This can be accomplished by referrals, testimonials and word of mouth. Reputation is critical in any service profession. You are paying for a designer’s thoughts, creative ideas and ability to execute the design process and meet your expectations – All while making it a positive experience!

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