About Victoria

Beauty shot of Victoria

“Everything around us creates a vibrational current. The need for balance and positive energy is more apparent than ever in our hectic and overly-saturated world of communication.”


- Victoria Auger

VICTORIA AUGER is a Curator of Lifestyle Design. She conceives and designs a space of personal expression that arouses an emotional connection to that space and an ultimate feeling of comfort and contentment. The Victoria Auger Experience inspires the need for individuality, by connecting to your positive vibrations, and creating and enriching your own personal style of living.

Victoria believes in lifestyle optimism... incorporating her design acumen with her extraordinary sense of vibrational perception. This knowledge not only creates a beautiful, artistic space, but defines and influences the lifestyle surrounding that space. Her infinite connection to the world and discovery is showcased through of one-of-a-kind curated pieces that excite and integrate within the home environment.